How vigilant are you?

Vigilance as vast as the ocean.

Consistency is not the ONLY key. 

It’s one of many key elements that will impact the outcome of whatever it is you’re working towards. 

With that in mind, let’s chat about vigilance. 

Vigilance is defined as being mindful of potential challenges or difficulties. 

If there’s no vigilance, the probability of remaining consistent is unlikely. 

The compound effect is that the achievement of the desired outcome either doesn’t actualize or it takes way longer than it could have. 

In my work as a coach, in both the nutrition and activation and accountability spheres, I often find that a lack of vigilance has a huge impact on whether or not clients reach milestones or outcomes that they indicated they wanted when they began working with me. 

Here are the top five ways I see a lack of vigilance manifest into unmet goals: 

•Losing sight of goal. Not checking in regularly (daily and ideally, multiple times per day).

•Self-deprecation being the motive for desiring change. Hating X about yourself will not yield the results you want. (You might achieve some semblance of your goal but you still won’t be happy, satisfied, etc.) So stop with the negative self-talk and approach your quest from a place of love and see what happens. 

•Distractions and lack of integration into life/style. Life happens. But if you use it as an excuse, you’ll never find an opportune window. The actions required to meet your goal must be integrated into your life so that distractions don’t threaten to derail you. 

•Too much leniency and reverting to past patterns or habits. Enough said. 

•No accountability or infrastructure for feedback. Having support and resources for feedback in place can put you on the fast track but often not valued because of the investment of financial resources, allocating time, or any elements of education that will assist the cause. 

Be mindful of these sneaky little ways you might be holding yourself back from the fulfillment of what you want. 

If you feel pulled to explore this on a deeper level, I’m offering a two-week immersive experience to help activate you to your highest potential. Reach out if you’d like more information or to lock in your space.

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