Burn It Down

Burn it down.

I’ve been in a vortex of wild energy.

Yesterday, on the first day of November, 2021, I archived 8 years’ worth of Instagram posts. I believe I shared more than 1200 posts since I began using the platform in 2013. 

There are a handful of reasons why I elected to strip away all of the “content” I’ve created. For starters, the glory days of Instagram are long-gone. The photo-sharing app that I started using back in 2013 has been replaced with an information dissemination platform. While I do sometimes seek out information on social media – and disseminate it myself – it’s not the reason I was attracted to it in the first place. I know a lot of people have had great success growing their following and in turn, their businesses if they have them via Instagram, but my experience has been more along the lines of disheartening. 

When you have a heartfelt message to share that you truly believe will transform hearts, and then get about six “likes,” thanks to a computer-based automated reasoning system that decides who gets to actually see what you’ve posted, the level of frustration is beyond.

There are other reasons too. Primarily though, I am not the same person I was eight years ago. Or eight days ago. 

I’m exploring other ways of connecting. Looking for other networks to share and receive information. And, reverting back to my own media platform: my website. 

Thank you for being here as I navigate this next phase and whatever changes it brings as I burn it down and begin to rebuild from the foundation up.