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1:1 Nutrition Coaching – Twelve Weeks

If you’re looking for support through functional nutrition coaching, start here. The twelve-week coaching package is the initial commitment you make to yourself to activate you in reaching health and/or body composition changes.

What’s included: Initial intake call and questionnaire, customized recommendations based on goals and health markers, weekly check-in call up to one hour in duration, unlimited access for questions via messaging, documentation and evaluation of progress, recommendations for effective changes as needed, baseline calculations including Basal Metabolic Rate, caloric and macronutrient needs, education on tracking macronutrients if appropriate, support with those in need of therapeutic diets by personal preference or in response to a diagnosis, guidance, my My Fitness Pal Quick Start Guide e-book, accountability, and having someone in your corner cheering you on every step of the way. $444

Customized Macronutrient Recommendations

This service is designed for self-starters who are already familiar and comfortable with tracking macronutrients and don’t need or want weekly check-in calls or desire the accountability component.

What’s included: calculation of your Basal Metabolic Rate, recommendations for caloric intake, and macronutrient ratios to support your goals whether they are for body fat reduction, weight maintenance, or muscle mass gain; I include a detailed explanation of my process and methodology for formulating my recommendations so that you can understand the science behind the why, my My Fitness Pal Quick Start Guide e-book, and quick turnaround. $64

1:1 Nutrition Coaching – Four Weeks

After you complete the initial commitment of twelve-weeks, you have the option to either reinvest in another twelve weeks or shift to a month-to-month plan. This offering is a continuation of the initial commitment and includes the same levels of support. $148

One-hour 1:1 Coaching Call

A one-hour coaching call is an opportunity for you to troubleshoot challenges with either nutrition or in pursuit of goals beyond nutrition. If you’re finding roadblocks coming up or want to strategize ways to ensure your actions are in alignment with what you’re trying to achieve, a one-on-one-call will help you gain clarity.

What’s included: you get one full hour to discuss any topic of your choosing and gain clarity around whatever area you need support. $108

Aligned Activation – Four Week Immersion

COMING SOON! This four-week immersion is intended to provide you with tools to develop habits that will support you in whatever goal(s) you desire to achieve. We’ll deep dive into strategic ways to align your actions to your goals. This can include a number of modalities including gaining clarity around goals, time management, tools and practices for implementing actions, building habits that support goals, and troubleshooting roadblocks or challenges. This is not just for nutrition, it can be applied to any desired goal.

What’s included: over the course of four weeks, you’ll receive weekly lessons (TBD is whether the lessons will be live in real-time or prerecorded or a combination of the two). Modules will cover setting intentions, using strategies and systems, boundaries, and aligning actions with goals – putting it all together. You’ll receive daily journaling prompts and two assignments each week that will vary in length. You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a one-hour private call with me each week to talk about your desires, your goals, your challenges, and whatever else you want to explore so that we can brainstorm solutions to your biggest hurdles. Space is limited. $647