Reclamation of tiME


The program includes the replay of the live workshop, inside of which lives a pranayama (breathwork) practice to employ during times of frantic, rushed behavior, a workbook to explore your relationship to time, and a follow-up offering to help you integrate the tools taught in the recording.

The recorded video is 49 minutes in duration.

I’m excited to offer my first masterclass; a 44-minute offering intended to help you transform your perception and relationship with time set to take place on my 44th birthday! Celebrate with me!

This class will not teach you time management. However, it will provide you with a profound tool to help you reframe how you view the time you have. This workshop will help you calibrate to an abundance of time. Whatever you’ve been challenged to do or accomplished due to a perceived lack of time, this shift in mindset will be a game-changer.

If you constantly find yourself saying “I don’t have time for X,” you do not want to miss this class! Reclaim the ME in your tiME.

Reclamation of tiME