Prioritize Your Priorities


Energy flows where you focus your intention and attention…

The program includes the replay of the live workshop including a multi-sensory visualization to help you connect to the actualized goal or achievement you seek. There is also an accompanying workbook. The recording is 52:10 in length.

What do you want to actualize in 2022?

What desire, goal, achievement, experience do you wish to see fulfilled within the next year?

The actualization of a goal hinges on one’s ability to filter thoughts, actions, feelings, etc. through the lens that correlates to the desired outcome.

Let’s set you up for success to attain whatever it is that is most alive for you right now!

The workshop will be held live on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, at 4:44 PM PST. A recorded replay will be available with unlimited access.

Workshop Investment :: Remastered

Registration for the 44-minute workshop includes accessibility to the live session within a private Facebook group as well as supporting materials.