Contract for Services

Contract for Services 

Hyla Ridenour

North Hollywood, CA 91602


Date: date

Contract for Services between (Writer) Hyla Ridenour and (Client) your name.

This contract pertains to writing services for: services


Writer agrees to provide Client with written materials as agreed upon within the scope and size of the project(s). Writer will create original work free of plagiarism. Writer will keep materials confidential and not disclose or share proprietary information with other parties. Writer will provide the Client with a draft of the project(s) in advance of the deadline for review. Client has the right to edit the work as appropriate and Writer will assist in the effort as necessary. Rewrites will be subject to the agreed upon hourly rate. Writer agrees to provide the final draft of work, suitable for publication, by the deadline agreed upon. Writer is not responsible for revisions or alterations to piece after the final draft has been accepted by the Client. Client will be responsible for providing written approval upon receipt of the final draft. Signing off on the work will indicate completion of the project(s) and Client will accept responsibility for further uses.

Similarly, social media content will be invoiced after scheduling has occurred determined by a period of time the Client and Writer have agreed to. Changes and additions to scheduled content will be subject to the agreed upon hourly rate. Additional management of social media accounts can be negotiated.

Compensation and Payment:

Client agrees to pay the Writer a flat rate of $ rate.

If the scope of the project(s) changes or requires more time than originally estimated by either party, the Client and Writer can negotiate the hours the Writer will work on the project(s). An invoice for the hours worked will be submitted to the Client when the final draft has been accepted by the Client. Unless otherwise agreed upon, and in writing, balances that are not paid within 30 days of the completed project(s) will be imposed a late fee of .10 percent. All invoices will be paid through PayPal.

Changes or Cancellations:

Changes, not originally agreed upon in the scope of the work, are subject to additional hourly charges. Client accepts responsibility for communicating changes and payment for services related to it. In the event that the project(s) is canceled, the Client is responsible for payment of any services and work done toward the completion of the project(s). This will be determined by the total hours worked toward the completion of the project(s) at the time of cancellation. Should Client cancel upon completion of the project(s), Client is responsible for full payment as originally agreed upon plus any additional expenses accrued.

I, your name (Client/Company Representative), attest that I am authorized to approve payment for the services listed above. I have read, understand, and agree to the Contract for Services.

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Client Signature (electronic signature contractual)

Date: date

I, the Writer, have read, understand, and agree to the Contract for Service Agreement

Hyla Ridenour

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