Functional Nutrition

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All of my services deep dive into root causes of dysregulation/dysfunction, mineral deficiencies, foundational support (digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration/mineral balance, activity, rest, stress management, etc.), individualized nutrition and supplementation recommendations, and varying levels of ongoing support and accountability based upon personal needs.


Nutrition Coaching – Phase One

Onboarding and intake documents to understand you, your health/health history, your goals, and to address areas of nutritional deficiencies. Includes baseline assessments for individualized needs (basal metabolic rate, calorie requirements, energy expenditure and NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), discrepancies in current diet, and education as needed. Customized recommendations based on findings and targeted to your goals.

This package includes two calls, an intake call and a recommendations call, approximately 60-90 minutes in length per call, and depending on the depth of research and time it takes for the completion of the intake forms, this phase averages around three weeks.


What’s included: Initial intake call (completion of the provided questionnaire and four-day dietary habit journal is the responsibility of the client), customized recommendations based on goals and health markers, baseline calculations including Basal Metabolic Rate, caloric and macronutrient needs, education on a variety of topics as needed, a follow-up call to go over recommendations, one week of unlimited access to me via text and email following our follow-up call to ask questions and get additional clarification, and the option for month-to-month (Phase Two) support.

I highly recommend the purchase of at least one Phase Two package (one month of additional support) after the completion of Phase One. $248

Phase One Coaching Package


Nutrition Coaching – Phase Two

After you complete Phase One, you have the option to move to a month-to-month plan that provides accountability and support. You can opt into this service anytime within 12 months of completing Phase One.

This optional offer provides ongoing guidance following Phase One with two levels of service to choose from:

Option One: Four weeks of support with a weekly 30-minute check-in call and unlimited access to me via text and email. $148

Phase Two With Weekly Call


Option Two: Four weeks of support without a weekly check-in call. All correspondence will be through email and text with unlimited access. $108

Phase Two Without Call


Private Coaching Call

A private coaching call is an opportunity for you to troubleshoot challenges or explore a specific nutrition topic (blood sugar regulation, for example). If you have experienced roadblocks or want to strategize ways to achieve a nutrition-related goal, a one-on-one call will help you gain clarity.

What’s included: the opportunity to discuss any topic of your choosing and gain clarity around whatever area you need support. This offering is independent of my other offers; you do not need to be a current (or former) client to take advantage of this service.

One hour: $108

One-Hour Coaching Call


30 Minutes: $64

30 Minute Coaching Call


One Year of Coaching

If you are ready to take radical responsibility for your health and wellbeing in 2023, this package is designed for you.

What’s included: 52 weeks of HY-caliber coaching to help you navigate your individual nutrition needs, customized recommendations based on your goals and health markers, baseline calculations including Basal Metabolic Rate, education on a variety of topics as needed, weekly 30-minute check-in sessions, personalized methods of accountability, unlimited access to me for questions via text or email, and endless encouragement and support.

This package is valued at more than $2,350.

One year of customized coaching: $1,847.

One Year of Coaching


Nutritional Deficiencies Analysis

The Nutritional Deficiencies Analysis is an option for people who would like to not only better understand where they could use additional nutrient support but also allow for the management of their wellbeing on their own schedule in a way that fits the dynamic of their life.

This package has two independent options; the Nutritional Deficiencies Analysis and the Customized Nutrient and Lifestyle Recommendations which are based on the results of the analysis and goals.

The analysis, by itself, is $35. You can do what you wish with the results; there is no obligation to work with me or opt into the second option.

Nutrient Deficiencies Analysis: $45

Nutritional Deficiencies Analysis


Customized Nutrient and Lifestyle Recommendations

The Customized Nutrient and Lifestyle Recommendations is $168 and includes evaluation of dietary and lifestyle habits based on the Nutritional Deficiencies Analysis results and other biomarkers, review of health goals and concerns to help guide recommendations, and personalized suggestions to follow to optimize your wellbeing on your own schedule and terms. This option does not include ongoing support or accountability so please keep that in mind if you desire guidance to implement dietary or lifestyle changes.

Custom recommendations: $168

Custom Recommendatons