Hi! I’m Hyla. Or, as my family lovingly calls me, Hy (pronouced like Hi!).

I’m your HY PERFORMANCE Functional Nutrition and Aligned Activation coach.

Functional Nutrition encompasses a holistic and supportive approach to help support the body and its functions in achieving optimal health. It can also support people by helping them manage the symptoms of a diagnoses for a wide-range of health concerns. (I don’t diagnose disease or treat illnesses but rather provide bio-individualized recommendations and support so people can better manage the symptoms they are experiencing as a result of dysfunction or imbalance in the body).

I am currently enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) program with completion in July 2021 and not actively providing nutritional therapy services at this time. However, I do provide customized plans and guidance for clients that are pursuing body composition goals, working towards improved athletic performance, training for an athletic or sporting event, and those who, in general, want to improve their dietary habits. My work with clients includes teaching them why macro and micronutrients are essential for vibrant health and well-being, how to balance macronutrients to achieve different outcomes, and providing ongoing support.

The second piece is the Aligned Activation coaching. I work with people to strategize ways to align their actions with their desired outcomes. This can include a number of modalities but we explore clarity around goals, time management, tools and practices for implementing actions, building habits that support goals, and troubleshooting challenges. This work is not just for nutrition; it can be applied to any desired goal.

I’m your steadfast co-pilot, your biggest fan, and your loudest cheerleader.