::Writing Life Update::

Little by little, I’m writing a book. Currently, I’m about halfway through chapter five. I’ve written 80 pages totaling 21,275 words. The target is approximately 21 chapter so roughly *only* 73,225 more words to go.

I’m embracing the process for the lessons and not for what I hope the final outcome will be. While I’ve tried, on many occasions, to set a consistent writing schedule driven by my goals, the main one being a finished draft by my 40th birthday in early October, I easily get derailed by paid writing work, the part-time job that provides a steady paycheck, and, well, life.

Up to this point, I’ve avoided editing my previous chapters, only looking back through the pages when I need a reminder about a specific detail. I find that when I do, I begin to criticize and censor myself which is highly unproductive. However, on the few rare occasions I do scan through the unrefined pages, sometimes a gem pops out. Maybe a sentence or paragraph that grabs my attention; a diamond in the rough with promise. Here is one such excerpt:

For any occasion deemed special enough, and sometimes just because it was Tuesday, Catherine’s father would scrounge up enough coins so that he could stop at the Patisserie de la Fleur to buy a slice of Mille-feuille on his way home. He would carefully tuck the fragile sliver of dessert wrapped in opaque paper inside his knapsack. Extracting it out of his bag after he arrived home was executed with steady hands and devout concentration although the excitement of Catherine and her siblings would try to steal his attention as they giggled with anticipation. Once displayed on the table in front of them, her father would carefully carve off small pieces of the layered treat and give each child a forkful before taking a bite for himself. He’d lean back in his chair and let it dissolve on his tongue, savoring the explosion of creamy sweetness; contentment evident on his aging face. Finally, he’d begin to repeat the process, offering each of his four children another sample before scraping every last remnant from the paper and licking the fork clean.

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